10th February 2017
Positive image of obesity

On fat shaming and vile hypnotists

This week, I learned who Steve Miller is.  No, not the lead guitarist in the band that spawned rock classics like ‘The Joker’ and ‘Abracadabra’.  Apparently, the Steve Miller in question is a hypnotherapist, starring on Sky’s Fat Families.  I’ve missed out on this incisive televised sociological experiment but his comments on obese NHS staff that hit the headlines this week succeeded in grabbing my attention.  Apparently, as part of his ‘slim acceptance’ campaign, obese NHS workers should be made to publicly display a badge bearing the words “I’m fat but I’m losing it” and restaurant menus should feature warnings that fat people should avoid certain dishes.  Clearly, this sort of fat shaming is utterly offensive but is it actually […]
2nd February 2017

12 weeks to your wedding: 3 step prep

As I’ve said in a previous post, your partner-to-be loves you for who you are and confidence can come at any shape or size.  Self-love does not come from a smaller waist measurement or a lower number on the scales.  It’s important that you arrive by your partner’s side still looking like yourself.   Wedding planning can be stressful, especially in the last few weeks, so it’s important to keep up your energy levels and avoid crash diets.  If you’ve decided to try to drop a dress size for your wedding, here are some tips to do so healthily.   Step 1: Be SMART! Specific – rather than saying “I want to lose weight”, set yourself a goal in real […]
25th January 2017

Hands off our roast potatoes!

  This week, a funny thing happened.  When the not-so-new news story broke that browned toast and crispy roast potatoes might give us cancer, the nation held up its hands and, as one, declared, “Enough is enough!”  We’ve accepted that too much sugar, salt and the wrong kinds of fat are bad for us but seriously, ROAST POTATOES?  That’s a step too far.  Let’s look at the facts behind the headlines.  In summary, as Douglas Adams advises, “Don’t panic.”   The headlines stem from the publication of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) new campaign “Go for Gold” to help people minimise how much acrylamide they eat.  Acrylamide is a (potentially cancer-causing – more on this later) chemical that is formed […]
18th January 2017

Does social media distort body image?

Social media can be a tremendous force for good but does its darker side harbour problems for our body image and mental health?  I review the evidence and offer suggestions for how we deal with this potential ticking time bomb for our mental health.   Much research has shown, over the last two decades, that the ‘thin ideal’ portrayed in the traditional media (films, television, magazines, billboards etc.) is linked to negative body image and subsequently an increased risk of disordered eating.  The near constant presence of this thin ideal in some areas of the media normalise a body type that for most is neither realistic nor achievable but once this image becomes internalised in an individual, it becomes a […]