10th January 2017

Clean eating is dead! Long live the next fad.

So Ella Mills and the Hemsley sisters have distanced themselves from clean eating?  Or have they?  Why have the clean eating gurus distanced themselves from the trend they helped create?   Ella Mills has been quoted as saying that the clean eating movement is “dirty” and a fad diet.  Jasmine Hemsley stated “When we first heard it, we thought it meant without pesticides, or foods without junk in it, no preservatives. That’s all it means to us. Most people’s idea of clean eating now is salad with no sauce, or green juice. We have never really engaged with that.”   Melissa Hemsley added: “We’re not interested in making anyone feel fearful of food, scared of food, confused about food. We’re […]
31st December 2016

Why New Year diets don’t work

I’m sure we’ll all be happy to see 2016 consigned to the compost bin of time but is Jan 1st 2017 the best time to decide to lose weight with the new diet trend you read in a blog?  I’m all for making healthier choices but while these popular diets might offer initial success, you’ll find the weight loss tapering off and unhealthy habits creeping back in.  Here’s why most fad diets fail.   What happens when you diet? Generally, you reduce the number of calories you eat and often you eat lots of new healthier foods like vegetables, salads, high protein and high fibre foods and cut out foods with lots of added sugar and salt.  You may exclude […]
15th December 2016

22 tips for healthier Christmas indulgence

It’s Chriiiiistmaaaas!  Tis the season to indulge, and why not?  The British Nutrition Foundation states that, on average, we may gain a pound or two over the festive period (but for many this could be a lot more) and this weight may be difficult to shed.  Is it possible to indulge healthily?   There are lots of articles about how to make healthier choices and reduce your calorie intake over the festive season.  It’s true that a lot of festive food and drink comes with a hefty calorie count (don’t forget the alcohol calories) but for many people, the festive season is one where indulgence is integral to the celebrations.  Articles like this from the British Nutrition Foundation, are fantastic […]
5th December 2016
Nutrition courses

What will be trending in nutrition in 2017?

I was at Food Matters Live recently which was a perfect opportunity to catch up with nutrition friends, attend a huge range of seminars and debates and of course, see what’s happening in the wonderful world of new product development.  Food Matters Live is the perfect place for small brands to launch their products and it also provides a great insight into what nutrition trends will emerge in the coming year.  So strap yourselves in: from the sensible to the downright bonkers, here’s what I think will be trending next year!   Fibre The latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey data show that we don’t eat anywhere near enough fibre (23g a day vs a target of 30g).  Ideally, we […]