19th October 2021
Claire Baseley

Claire wins the prestigious Food and Drink Federation Nutritionist of the Year award

I’m really excited to announce that I recently won the Food and Drink Federation Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist of the Year award for my work with Ella’s Kitchen. I was so excited to meet the brilliantly funny and erudite Jay Rayner, who rattled through the 20+ awards in no time like a pro. I thought it might be useful to explain what a (freelance) industry nutritionist does, as there are some misconceptions that either we’re all just shills for “Big Food” or that all we do is recipe analysis. Our roles are crucial in the food industry. With a Masters in nutrition and over 20 years’ experience, it’s my job to be the conscience of the food industry and translate […]
20th March 2019

Why the public have had enough of experts and would rather listen to Gwyneth Paltrow

I am the expert and you must listen to me! Have I lost you? I don’t blame you. Communicating complex science is always going to be tricky. But most people wouldn’t claim to understand or have experience of astrophysics whereas everyone eats, so everyone can claim to have knowledge about nutrition. A quick glance at the #nutrition hashtag on Instagram reveals that the majority of the content comes from brands, influencers and celebrities and not from registered professionals with a background in nutrition. Obviously, this means that pseudoscience and miracle cures drown out the facts, which is to the detriment of public health but what can and should people like me do about it? “A lie can travel halfway around […]