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5th October 2016
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13th October 2016
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A Nutritionist’s Wedding

A bit of a self-indulgent blog this time, as I’ve just received my wedding pictures and I thought it would be a bit of fun to recount how I put an unusual nutritional twist on my wedding!


The wedding theme

I’m a big tea lover and my now husband used to leave my favourite cup by the kettle with a teabag every day before he left early for work.  One morning I came down to discover he’d spelt out “Marry Me” in teabags, so the tea theme was born!


Tea is pretty good for you but as a nutritionist who didn’t want a traditional wedding, I wanted a quirky (and thrifty) twist to the day.  Anyone who knows me will know how I munch through a lot of vegetables each day and will go a long way to get my greens.  So why have flowers for the bouquet and table decorations when you can have VEGETABLES?


So my lovely bouquet was made up of an artichoke, leafy brassica, succulents, allium flowers and a stunning bevy of herbs.  Check it out here!  It was beautifully fragrant with the mint and rosemary.



The table decorations took on the combined tea and vegetables themes with a rustic feel – vegetables and herbs in vintage tea cups and tea caddies to designate the table names.



Where we married

We’re a pretty relaxed couple and didn’t want anything too formal, so a barn wedding was an easy choice.  Ours was beautifully rustic in lovely grounds and even better, it was an educational trust with proceeds from the wedding going back into funding school trips.  The grounds were stunning, featuring a tiny farmyard with chickens and pigs and a lovely herb garden.




We also had some fun garden games like croquet, table tennis and space hoppers!



What we listened to

We’re both pretty sporty and in fact, we met in the gym, so while our evening playlist was a mixture of our preferred genres and party classics, we actually walked out of the ceremony to the theme from Rocky!



What we ate

It’s a wedding right?  I might have been extra healthy with my diet and worked even harder at the gym for a few months before the wedding but I certainly didn’t want to diet on the day.  That said, I wanted everyone to eat fantastically good quality, super tasty food, so we started with a Greek meze platter and then had lots of sharing plate of barbequed fillet steak with nasturtium butter, salmon with herb rub and chicken thighs with garlic, oregano and lemon with loads of salads and veg.  And we finished with chocolate fudge cake!  To be honest, I was running on adrenaline all day and it destroyed my appetite but what I did eat was delicious and actually mostly healthy (I say mostly…)


The cake

I’m not a cake lover, so we kept to the tea theme and instead opted for big display of tea time classics.  Not very healthy but fueled a long night on the dance floor!



The happy couple

We had a fabulous day, perfect weather and magical time with our friends and family.



The details

All our suppliers come highly recommended!

Our venue was Ufton Court, in Ufton Nervet near Reading.  Stunning venue, fantastic team.

Our flowers were by Herbert and Isles.  Brilliantly creative, innovative florists.

Our catering was by The Great Food Company.  Spectacular food quality and impeccable service.

Our photographer was Jamie Dunn Photography.  Awesome photojournalism and attention to detail.  Goes the extra mile to get fantastic photos.

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