Claire is a highly qualified, award-winning Registered Nutritionist. With a degree in Biological Science from Oxford University, a Masters of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition from Sheffield University and 20 years of experience in the food industry and the civil service, Claire champions public health while developing leading brands and start ups alike.

Registered with the Association for Nutrition, Claire provides no-nonsense, up to date, expert advice for food brands, health professionals, individuals and the media. Claire is passionate about health and nutrition and always goes the extra mile to achieve the best results.

Claire has worked for the Food Standards Agency and then with the Food Industry for many years, building up in-depth experience in areas as diverse as infant and child nutrition, weight loss, adult nutrition, sports nutrition, nutrition for older people. She is experienced in product development, nutrition communications and strategy building, nutrition legislation, copy writing, and recipe analysis.

Claire now runs a successful nutrition consultancy, CLB Nutrition Ltd offering a wide range of services for the food industry, individuals, families and the media. Claire has worked with the media for many years, appearing on ITV’s Save Money Good Food, Channel 4’s Jaime and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast and Food Unwrapped, as well as numerous TV and radio appearances to comment on topical nutrition news issues. A keen writer, Claire is often quoted in the press, particularly in OK! Magazine, as well as The Telegraph, Daily Mail and Mother & Baby Magazine.

If you’re looking for a trusted professional, make sure you use an Association for Nutrition Registered Nutritionist.