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28th April 2016
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26th April 2016
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Claire has acted as Selfridges Food Hall’s consultant nutritionist for several years, most recently working on the development of a major new product range for Selfridges Own Label and the EveryBody health campaign. Claire developed brand leading nutritional guidelines for a wide range of small artisan producers and advised on product claims, communications and PR. She also performs recipe calculations for many of the products in the Food Hall and wrote a series of health and nutrition blogs during the successful EveryBody campaign in the spring and summer of 2016.

Testimonial: “Claire has a unique ability to explain complex information in a clear and practical way, working closely with various departments to provide crucial information which enhances the core proposition of our Selfridges Selection launches. Apart from giving insightful and precise information around legalities and core product benefits, Claire has a really consumer-centric approach which shows a clear understanding of our target customer – their lifestyles, the food trends they follow and the nutritional benefits they are looking for.” Melisa Clottey, Head of Food Technical, Selfridges and Co