10th February 2017
Positive image of obesity

On fat shaming and vile hypnotists

This week, I learned who Steve Miller is.  No, not the lead guitarist in the band that spawned rock classics like ‘The Joker’ and ‘Abracadabra’.  Apparently, the Steve Miller in question is a hypnotherapist, starring on Sky’s Fat Families.  I’ve missed out on this incisive televised sociological experiment but his comments on obese NHS staff that hit the headlines this week succeeded in grabbing my attention.  Apparently, as part of his ‘slim acceptance’ campaign, obese NHS workers should be made to publicly display a badge bearing the words “I’m fat but I’m losing it” and restaurant menus should feature warnings that fat people should avoid certain dishes.  Clearly, this sort of fat shaming is utterly offensive but is it actually […]